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  1. My question was, how to find tokens required for each feature from license file.
  2. Hello support team, I am looking at the log file where i could see the feature Check out and check in times. But it is not mentioned which instance of a specific feature is checkout or closed . For example if a user opens two hypermesh( second instance happens after an hour of first instance )and check in and check out times for that is recorded in the log file. But Check in times recorded in the log file does not specify whether it is first instance or first instance . Is there any method to figure out Check in times correct?
  3. Hello support, I would like to know is there any way to infer (from license file) the number of tokens required for each feature under ALTAIR hyperworks . I see a text under each feature named as COUNT, what does this signify? it seems to be same for all features.
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