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  1. Hey everyone, I'm working on my Bachelorthesis with 3D Printing and Topolige Optimization and I'm stuck with the STL File after saving my Lattice Optimization. I would like to 3D Print this STL file but it doesn't work. As you can see on the Image below a corne of my Lattice Optimization. After Saving the File in STL you can see whats happen if I oppen the file on Creo Parametric: After Opening the file in Creo, (I did a cut out in the middel of the part) you can see that the Lattice doesn't have any volume, so I think that's why I can't print it: Does anyone have an Idea how to fix this? Best Regards Anthony B.
  2. It's only working if you saving as an STL format. (As I know)
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