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  1. Sir find the following FEM file where i have applied TIC(v), SPC ,SPCD for same node same component. It is solving . But for few other models some times it is giving error . Please help in solving this issue. circular_Plate.fem
  2. sir i just removed the load location rigids and re created and applied all the Boundary Conditions including Initial Velocity . The problem is solving. Thanks for the response.
  3. When the TIC is removed . it is solving. When TIC(V) is called in the subcase it is creating an error as attached in the previous mag.
  4. Thank for the response sir Solve_28_DTRAN_with_INIT_Velocity.out
  5. Hi When i am running a Direct Transient Solution, with Initial Velocity The node with ID 6107119 is Constrained by 1. SPC in DOF 1 =0 2.SPCD in DOF 1 is 1.0 3. TIC (v) in DOF 1 is -2825. Then i got the following errior TIC DOF is SPC'ed for GRID ID 6107119 component 1 i did the same( SPC , SPCD TIC(v) for the same node in the same DOF) for number of practice models . But this is the first time i am getting this error . any body please help me.
  6. Sir I calculated Initial Velocity and applied as TIC(V). But after the compltio of acceleration cycle displacements are cumulative. (which mathematically may true, As Acceleration=0, Velocity which is integral of Acceleration = constant , Then Displacement is a straight line which is cumulative ) How can we make the velocity, displacement to be zero after the load (Acceleration)is removed .
  7. Sir I really Appreciate this. Thanks a lot for your time. I think this is solved. But when try to integrate the acceleration curve to get celocity i am gettion a Zero velocity. Please help me in the methodology for getting velocity.and also how did you created TIC (V). When i go go to load type page Velocity type is Blank. Thanks again for the support sir.
  8. Sir I am not able to give Input of Initial conditions . Can you please help in how to do this? How to create TIC Bulk data entry. And also i have no data for initial displacements and initial velocities then how to get those values.
  9. Hi @ Omer Faruk you got any solution for your question of giving acceleration input asper MIL-STD and getting real displacements in Direct Transient analysis.? If so please help , I am struggling with the same question.
  10. Thanks For the response . I will try this and update you .
  11. Sir with displacements as input load it is oscillating .But the question remains same. If i convert it into displacements obviously it oscilates as we are giving displacement directly. But my load case is in acceleration i need to apply it in accelerations only.
  12. Sir Kindly let me know if any other information is needed.
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