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  1. Hi Thanks for the response It works for me .But in the second subcase, the SPC(enforced displacement.) applied in the first subcase is getting ramped down.
  2. Hi I am running a contact nonlinear solution, with two subcases. First subcase has a SPC displacement(enforced), In the second subcase the a force is added to the model. i want the SPC in the first subcase to be continue till the end of second subcase which is not happening . can any one help me in this.
  3. Thank you very much sir.. Suppose if i am giving any damping input value, it simulates the worst case scenario right? So When i dot have the tested data with me i will go with no damping ?
  4. Hi I need to give a PARAM G in DTRAN analysis. as i dont have the damping value can i give 0.02 ?
  5. Hi I am doing a non linear (contact) static analysis .I have connected Two components( same youngs modulus, Different densities). During post processing when i query the resilt at the common node sit is giving result with two values. These two values differ by small amount in few locations and in few locations it is one value double of the other. can any one help in finding out why is this happening.
  6. Hi I am simulating a 1D beam analysis for shear forces and bending moments . I want to get a graph of shear forces , bending moments and bending stresses please help in this regard. in Optistruct help , Freebody diagram example is there, But i am not sure if it helps for 1D elements . Any body please guide me.
  7. Sir find the following FEM file where i have applied TIC(v), SPC ,SPCD for same node same component. It is solving . But for few other models some times it is giving error . Please help in solving this issue. circular_Plate.fem
  8. sir i just removed the load location rigids and re created and applied all the Boundary Conditions including Initial Velocity . The problem is solving. Thanks for the response.
  9. When the TIC is removed . it is solving. When TIC(V) is called in the subcase it is creating an error as attached in the previous mag.
  10. Thank for the response sir Solve_28_DTRAN_with_INIT_Velocity.out
  11. Hi When i am running a Direct Transient Solution, with Initial Velocity The node with ID 6107119 is Constrained by 1. SPC in DOF 1 =0 2.SPCD in DOF 1 is 1.0 3. TIC (v) in DOF 1 is -2825. Then i got the following errior TIC DOF is SPC'ed for GRID ID 6107119 component 1 i did the same( SPC , SPCD TIC(v) for the same node in the same DOF) for number of practice models . But this is the first time i am getting this error . any body please help me.
  12. Sir I calculated Initial Velocity and applied as TIC(V). But after the compltio of acceleration cycle displacements are cumulative. (which mathematically may true, As Acceleration=0, Velocity which is integral of Acceleration = constant , Then Displacement is a straight line which is cumulative ) How can we make the velocity, displacement to be zero after the load (Acceleration)is removed .
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