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  1. Hi I am running a quasistatic nonlinear analysis with RFORCE applied and OLOAD s activated as i need to know the load applied due to centrifugal force . But the output(applied force) i am getting is not at all expected. I wanted know the total force acting on the body at the center of gravity instead of at the elements separately . how to do that. (Just to confirm, i am using tons and mm as my units so i must get forces in N, right ?).
  2. Hi I am simulating a permanent magnet motor under rotational stresses in which magnets are embeded. As the magnets are tightly inserted ..can i moel it with FREEZ contact or which contact is most appropriate for this one .
  3. when i am remeshing itself some 2D faces as in the pictue (RED in color) are automatically generated. What can be the reason .
  4. Hi when i am trying to remesh to avoid opposite trias a new component called 3D faced being created . couple of time i faced the same issue . can any one tell why is it happening .
  5. thanks for the reply very useful point. How do you know its a physical value or numerical , is it by comparing test results ?
  6. solid mesh ....i did 2D and made it 3D->Drag. I circled area is to be studied (stresses are high in this region )
  7. Hi I am running a simple rotation analysis(RFORCE). I have penta elements in a highly stressed area is it a problem ? Does it gives wrong stresses. The below results are for very coarse mesh . After finding the highly stressed regions, i refined the mesh which caused pentas in that region as in the picture.
  8. HI.. Thanks for your quick reply .
  9. Hi How to measure angle between two lines in flux 2D
  10. Thanks for the reply sir i am not using any antivirus . and i use frictional contacts daily .never faced such an issue. what to do now.
  11. Hi I got an error as in the attached pic . can any one help me in fixing this . 86_Degree_with_Ring_31052019_S2S_Adjust_AutoCopper.out 86_Degree_with_Ring_31052019_S2S_Adjust_AutoCopper.stat
  12. Sir i can define the contacts..My problem is i am getting deformations where i should not supposed to get .(getting deformations where the gap is not at all closed.) I wanted to know why it is happening and how to avoid this . I also attached model files earlier.
  13. please share with me if any document regarding how to asses contact results( to check if the contact working properly or not ? by checking contact pressure , contact forces ) and how to deal with sudden stress rises at the contact edges(contact sharp edges).
  14. Thanks sir can you share me detailed document regarding the same ( which also can explain how to superimpose results ...etc) with some solved example problems
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