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  1. Sir Thank you for the respons. I have attached a picture of output graph.(Acc VS Time). To get the graph smooth , obviously we need to increase the number of time points(X Axis ) which is related to NLOUT. NLOUT is not giving the specified number of output points. How can i control the number of those points . This is really wasting lot of my time.can any one please help me. All i want is just to get a control on output time points. I also tried with creating time set and invoking with unsupported cards, But as the input load is having varying time steps ( high time steps from 0.0033) as show below I am getting output as below up to 0.0033 the curve is smooth and detail from time 0.0033 the out put curve is with large time steps So i dont want to use this method at all. could any one help in solving this .
  2. Hi I am running a nonlinear transient solution. I have invoked TSTEPNL with 1500 steps. Now i want to get output for all these 1500 load increments. NLOUT doesnot help. can any one please guide me .
  3. Hi I am running a nonlinear transient analysis , Where i invoked TSTEPNL and NLOUT. NLOUT does not give all time step results , but i want to see all time step results. or atleast i want get control of number of output steps. I found some thing to create a time set and invoke it to NLOUT but that option is not available in the software. can any one please helpme.
  4. Hi I am getting the same problem . I have to model a bush for which stiffness is available for two directions.For the third direction, load and deflection are available as in the picture 1 I am modeling it with PBUSH--> PBUSHT--> TKNID . Two stiffness values i am giving in PBUSH(Direction X, Direction Y) . and deflection vs force data i am giving in TKNID via TABLED1 (for Direction Z) . But the stiffness in Z Direction is being calculating by only the first two values in the TableD1 and tak ing that stiffness as a constant stiffness . can any one please help in this. The solution i am doing is Direct Transient (DTRAN)
  5. Hi does this method applicable for Direct Transient analysis ?
  6. Hi I am using PBUSHT in DTRAN solution . This is not working for me. can any body help in this ( Is PBUSHT compatible with DTRAN ? ) The data i have is attached . Please help me in modelling the same.
  7. Hi i need to select a shock mount for a component. 1.If there is any document for the selection process of shock mounts (preferably S I units ) please share. 2.I got a document , as per which first i have to convert my system into single degree of freedom system. As my system has infinite number of frequencies any one help me in representing it in single DOF system to find out natural frequency.
  8. Hi ..Thanks for response. I have only two stiffness values (K compression, K tension) I have no deflection vs Stiffness data. Is there any way i can do this.
  9. Hi I am working on Direct Transient response analysis. I am modeling the shock isolator as a bush. But the problem is the stiffness value in one direction , compression stiffness and tension stiffness are not same. Can any one help in modeling such a bush.
  10. Hi Thanks for the response It works for me .But in the second subcase, the SPC(enforced displacement.) applied in the first subcase is getting ramped down.
  11. Hi I am running a contact nonlinear solution, with two subcases. First subcase has a SPC displacement(enforced), In the second subcase the a force is added to the model. i want the SPC in the first subcase to be continue till the end of second subcase which is not happening . can any one help me in this.
  12. Thank you very much sir.. Suppose if i am giving any damping input value, it simulates the worst case scenario right? So When i dot have the tested data with me i will go with no damping ?
  13. Hi I need to give a PARAM G in DTRAN analysis. as i dont have the damping value can i give 0.02 ?
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