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  1. The bearing load direction changes when the value of the applied force is changed. The direction gets greyed out, so can no longer be changed. This is a bug in version 2019.2.1 Workaround: delete original bearing load and apply a new one.
  2. When we open a new version of the same model we get new materials. Why? My collegue will give more info.
  3. I did a check myself with these parts and found no big changes in stress please recheck your results and input.
  4. That is your experience with traditional FEA. Try it
  5. If you need the internal stresses, then model the part in multiple parts which are connected at their boundaries.
  6. Has been solved by a special build i received from Ken. Thanks Ken!
  7. When trying to open older models (May 2017) i get kicked out. Any solution? File is to big to upload. Please give another method of uploading files.
  8. When i recreate the same coordinate system in the second design study, and try to apply the forces again as in the first design study they have a different orientation. This is an error, i think.
  9. Nothing happening here. This used to be a lot faster when i was directly with Victor and Ken. This is not what i expected from Altair.
  10. When i have two Design studys in my ssp file and i want to change the direction of forces by defining another coordinate system and selecting the new coordinate system in the edit force definition this does not seem to work?
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