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  1. Fady, I have had this issue before. I can usually fix it by deselecting and reselecting the check boxes under "define models". That is, DOE1 -> Definition -> Define Models. This will also make all the input variables as active, so if any of them were inactive, you will have to uncheck those boxes again. Hope this helps.
  2. Hello, I am interested in setting up a linked multi-model run in hyperstudy, where the response of the first model could violate a constraint and thus signify no need to run the second model. Is there a way to do this? If I were to wrap my second model solver execution (e.g. radioss) in a templex or compose script, is there a way to access the variables within hyperstudy (i.e. output response from first model)? This would allow me to apply logic on whether to run the second model. Thanks, Jacob
  3. Roberta, Yes this works, thanks for your help!! -Jacob
  4. Does anyone know how to register a compose function for use in Hyperstudy? My understanding is to use the preference file, however, I do not know the proper keyword. I suspect it is *RegisterOMLFunction, but i get an error saying "Unable to load OML bridge (can't find HWX binary directory)". I am able to register Hypermath functions without a problem. Thanks, Jacob
  5. Ivan, Okay I will try something similar, appreciate your help.
  6. Ivan, Thanks for trying it out. Can you think of any alternative methods to acquire the same information? Do you think this is a bug, or a feature that doesn't exist?
  7. Hello, I am interested in extracting the angular momentum of a p14_solid part after a RADIOSS impact. When I create output block, I am able to request XXMOM, YYMOM, and ZZMOM. The results in the time history file are all zero however. In fact, I am unable to retrieve anything but zeros for the following outputs: XXMOM YYMOM ZZMOM XCG YCG ZCG IXX IYY IZZ IXY IYZ IZX RKE There is clear movement and rotation. I am able to retrieve linear momentum and mass. Additionally, I have a separate part that is p1_shell, which I am able to extract all of the above parameters. Are these requests not allowed for solid parts, or is there some other piece I am missing? Thanks for your help.
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