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  1. That's what I thought but the model solved successfully and so I looked into it further. It seems Optistruct uses PARAM, AUTOMSET to switch the dependent to an independent Now I am wondering does the element still behave as an rbe3?
  2. Hi Folks, I am curious how the solver finds a solution when the dependent node (slave) has a boundary condition Uy=0 at the SPC shown in blue. See attached. In the case of a rbe2 element, it is clear that the independent node (master) would have the BC Uy=0 and thus the dependent node set can be solved for. Any comments?
  3. Dear Folks, Upon exporting an abaqus solve file from Simlab there is the useful **NSET COUNT displayed which helps me edit the file. I cannot find this setting in Hypermesh upon exporting. Any ideas?
  4. Hi Adriano, The some of the above settings are for previous loadsteps. I am still working on the problem. Will update accordingly.
  5. Hi All, Currently I am getting 0 values results for the acceleration, displacement and 3d element stress quantities when I define the following in the I/O section FORMAT H3D OUTPUT,H3D,ALL,BYITER SCREEN OUT ACCELERATION(H3D,REAL) = ALL DISPLACEMENT(H3D,REAL) = ALL PRETBOLT (OPTI) = YES STRESS(H3D,REAL,VON) = YES I suspect I am missing some other setting?
  6. ok, then I had misunderstood you. Si constants is what I need to adjust the y columns. For the x column (which are in rpm) I need to manually convert this to frequency in excel and then import unless there is another option to change the x column?
  7. I dont think the DLOAD S factor will work because my TABLED1 has an x and y value, each which needs to be multiplied by a different constant. Ie, the columns of X times constant A and column of Y times constant B. I am probably better just multiplying in the constants in excel and then import table as my last option.
  8. Hello All, I have RLOAD1 cards defined via the TABLED1 however I would like to multiply this table by a constant before it is called by the RLOAD1 card. Is this possible? BR Ed
  9. Hi Adriano, Great, that works. Many thanks for your support. BR Ed
  10. Hi, Clear but how does the solver know vi the DLOAd command which excitation ID to assign to the respective RLOAD1? There are 3 excitation points (3 SPCD) each with x,y and z.
  11. Hi Adriano and Nathan, Thanks for the tips. I now have the following problem. I have 3 excitation points. Each of the excitation points have an RLOAD1 definition in x, y and z. Giving a total of 9 excitation profiles which I have defined via the load collectors. The problem I have is how to combine these for assignment to the DLOAD entry in the subcase definition of Freq.resp (modal). I thought I could combine the RLOAD1s into 1 load collector but therein lies the problem, as only one EXCITEID can be selected where in fact there are 3.... Any ideas are welcome
  12. Hi Folks, Is there an example I can find for applying a base motion in the form of displacement to translationally constrained DOF's on a node using the SPC/SPCD card? Thanks
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