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  1. I want to do static analyses on spiral bevel gears to optimize housings for those gears, but I can't seem to get the statics analysis to work. I have been able to do transient motion analyses on the gears (as you can see in the files attached), and I have successfully done statics analyses on regular spur gears. However, when I run a statics motion analysis on spiral bevel gears, I get the error "The static solver was unable to find a static equilibrium position during analysis of this model." I'm guessing that this means I have gear geometries that don't properly mesh. However, I've tried this with several different models that seem to mesh well, so I'm running out of ideas. Attached is one of the models I've tried to analyze. When you do a transient analysis, it runs. When you switch to statics, it fails. Bevel Gears 1.1.stmod
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