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  1. A assembly part has name with whitespace for e.g (part 1 0).When I try to create a mark it doesnt get added on mark *createmark assemblies 1 part 1 0 hm_marklength assemblies 1 is giving 0. How to fix this ?
  2. As seen in the image hm_getelemcheckbounds is returning 1.626 as the maximum value but if I measure the distance between 2 nodes it shows 7.137 . Are these 2 results not contradicting each other.
  3. yes putting that component in a different assembly works. Thanks for the solution . And I tried the hm_measureshortestdistance on a different computer but its giving the same error
  4. hwat::utils::GetClosestElement first three arguments are x y z coordinates but the last argument is assembly name. This argument is not working if I give the collector name as here "auto1"
  5. Nopes I didn't copy pasted. I typed myself many times but everytime the same error its giving.
  6. hello Tinh hm_measureshortestdistance nodes 1 0 nodes 2 0 0 is giving "expected integer but got "0 " error ..
  7. I got the ans, elem is not a valid entity type for this type, the Valid values are nodes, points, lines, surfaces and solids.Apart from this is there any api which can do the task which I intend to do ?
  8. there is 1 collector say a1 and a element a2 which doesnt belong to a1 . Now I want to find which element from a1 collector is nearest to a2 and whats the distance b/w them. Is there any api or command for that ?
  9. All the brown color elems are 3d elements in the collector solidmap while the green color elems are 2d elems in collector auto1. I execute the following command *createmark elems 1 599 *createmark elems 2 "by comp name" auto1 hm_measureshortestdistance elems 1 0 elems 2 0 0 it returns-> 0 0 0 0 599 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 but as we can see the distance between elem id 599 and elem id 1 is not 0.and elem id 1 is not the nearest elem to 599 among all other elems of auto1. Can somebody explain this ?
  10. how to find the component collector to which the surface belong ? I have the surface id.
  11. genrally to get a paticular nodeid of a element we use hm_getentityvalue elems elem_id node1.id 0. To get all the 4 nodes of a quad element we have to write this 4 times or run a loop. Is there any command which will directly give all 4 nodes at once ?
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