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  1. Thanks Andy for giving some useful tips. I checked the plots and animation results, which seems fine and as expected. However, my analysis results shows a bit higher Hourglass. Can you advice me how to minimize it? Does it depends on selection of "Master's and Slave's" or it is dependent on meshing quality? Regards Pritish
  2. Dear Pranav Thanks for giving me such a detailed insight on the queries I had put on ERR Percentage. Its great to know these things which can help me understand the outcome of analysis in much better way. Thanks and regards Pritish
  3. Dear all I have a query regarding the ERR percent which can be seen in "HyperWorks Solver View" while running an analysis in Radioss (Image attached below). While solving a problem, at the start of solution I was getting ERR " 0%" but as the process continued the ERR keep on increasing towards "negative value" and at the end of the solution I found ERR as "- 29.3%". I can see the results, animations and plot the variables and it seems fine with the expected outcome. But I am unable to understand few things which I have listed below: 1. What does ERR signifies? 2. Does this ERR percentage shows that my result is deviated by " - 29%" as per software. 3. Since it has a negative sign, does it shows that my error percentage is decreasing? or should it be seen as an absolute value? 4. What should be the ideal scenario of ERR Values we should expect while running a solution? Regards Pritish
  4. Hi Tanuj I checked the file and realized the issue after getting .xml file from you. So I tied creating finer surface mesh through HyperMesh which can define the model geometry better and then exported to MotionSolve. This created the required graphics for the model and I was able to create the "Contact". Thanks a lot for all your advises and giving me your precious time due to which I was able to solve my problem. Regards
  5. Dear Ivan Thanks a lot for giving me your valuable time to reply with such a detailed insight about my stated problem. It gave me new perspectives to work on for solving the issue with simulation. I will be looking into each of your precious advice and will try to get it done. Your help means a lot to me and thanks once again for your help. Regards
  6. Dear all I need a help regarding understanding the HyperWorks Solver summery for RADIOSS. I am new to this software and does not have good amount of knowledge, and am trying to solve an Explicit analysis problem. While giving all the necessary inputs in Radioss for a model, I am trying to run the solution. I had tried to run the solver 2 times previously for 10 hrs but couldn't understand how long should I keep waiting. While reading the solver summery, I had seen that it shows "Remaining Time as 950000 Sec". Which means it might take 263 hrs (about 10 days) to get the solution done by the HyperWorks solver. Is this a normal TIME which Radioss takes to solve some problems? Whenever I try to do some other work in my laptop, the solver time increases rapidly. At about "Remaining time 90000 s" the solver works very slow. My model is a mechanical component, with approximately 30000 elements, used type7 contact at 4 locations. I tried to check it through Model Checker and found almost all parameters getting passed through the check except two errors - "lsensor for Cload not defined" and "Skew for Cload not defined" . The image can be seen in the attachment for the detail. While running through solver, I can see "0 Error and 5 Warnings". Can any one advice me on urgent basis about 2 of my queries:' 1. Am I doing some mistake because of which such a long expected time is showing to complete the solution? Is there any thing which I can do to solve it sooner. By reading few posts of this forum, I tried to apply "ENG_DT_INTER/del" option to avoid possible divergence. 2. My error % initially increased to 24% than came down to 14% when I previously run my solver for the same problem for 10 hrs. Does this Error % shows that I had done some mistake? or is it fine to vary it so much? Is there any limit for Error % which I should consider? Regards
  7. Okay Nimisha I can see the reason for license error. I tried to changing the license path to the Altair Inspire - Security Folder; but it still shows the older license path. The image for the problem can be seen in the attachment. Can you please tell me how to change the license path from previous to new path? Waiting for your reply. Regards
  8. Dear Tony S. Can you please help me to create Contact in between these two gears, if I need to find the velocity ratio? With coupler method we need to know their velocity ratios, and then we can see their animation. But I am trying to learn to find the velocity of big gear with the know velocity of the smaller gear. I think, for that, Contact may help to find the velocity. Can you please advice me for this too? Regards
  9. Dear Tony Thanks a lot for guiding me to resolve my problem. I was trying to solve this issue for last 10 days but I was unable to do it. Your help really means a lot to me. Regards Pritish Shubham
  10. Dear Tanuj I had simplified the model and attaching with this message. Kindly look into the problem and guide me what necessary steps I need to do to correct the contact error. Regards Spur Gear.txt Spur Gear.xml Spur Gear_MS_input_gra.x_t Spur Gear.log Spur gear.mvw
  11. Dear Chethan Did you resolved your issue which you had raised on 6th March? I am facing the same problem, can you advice me how you had resolved your problem? Thanks
  12. Dear Tanuj Thanks for replying to my query. I had tried checking the .xml file and I can see the force_contact had "i and j" well defined. The image and the .XML file can be seen in the attachment. Regarding the model sharing option, I really wish to share it, but I am afraid I am not allowed to do so. Its a problem from AOC-2019 contest, so I don't know whether I can share the problem here. But I will try to discuss it with the concerning person and seek permission for it, if possible before sharing the model here. Regards Epi_try.xml
  13. Dear Sir/Madam" I have been trying to do a motion analysis required for a problem statement which is required in AOC-2019 contest. While I have tried a lot but every time I am facing 1 issue repeatedly in creating "Contact" by "3D Rigid to Rigid Contact". Every time I try to create the contact between two gears, while solving it says "ERROR: Contact graphics undefined for contact force [id=301001]!". I have defined the bodies and selected their graphics also but it still shows the error. The image of the selections can be seen in the attachment. Kindly help me to solve the issue. Regards Pritish Shubham
  14. Dear Nimisha I had received new License file today and after replacing my old license with new file and making necessary changes, I tried running the optimization as well as analysis in Altair Inspire software but am facing the same problem. My analysis stops after 64% completion and it shows a message to "Contact the Altair Local support office for help". If possible, can you please guide me what mistake I am doing. I am attaching the screenshot image and the files which I am trying to use in Altair Inspire software. I tries several steps to get the analysis done by: 1. Gave larger mesh size than the calculated size by software. 2. Saving the file in other directory which is different from the installed directory of the software. 3. Keeping the geometry very simple and loading magnitude low. 4. I tried to check the license file and found the Ethernet address mentioned in file is same as my system address. 5. Followed the steps of setting up the license file through video tutorial of Altair India Student contest Youtube channel "https://youtu.be/_DneeFoGgjg?list=PL1u26y75SCrAHUeD8Yl19Rvz2h9aQvDS6&t=128" 6. Uninstalled the software, downloaded fresh Altair Inspire Software, setup the license file as shown in the Youtube channel again, restarted my system and tried running the analysis again. But it shows same problem. Despite doing all things, I am still not able to run the analysis or optimization in Altair Inspire. Can you please guide me what I should I do now to get this issue resolved. Regards Pritish Shubham Model.stmod Model_12.stmod Model_13.stmod
  15. I tried to follow the steps, but it still not working. After doing the above steps, while performing Analysis it says "Contact Altair Office". I had mailed the issue to "altairuniversity@altair.com", from whom I received the previous License file. Do I have to mail some where else, or is there any one whom I can contact, through which I can expedite the process. Please help me regarding this and let me know what best I can do in this situation. Regards
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