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  1. there is a mistake on uploading the file,, you can use "tbopts " file to activate drag and drop
  2. hello Mr.Tinh, i have used your drag and drop script. its good working in windows but i cant use it in linux. is there any way ?
  3. hello, i am new to this forum. please can you tell me how to use this option? thank you ,
  4. hi friend, i have done my script with my knowledge to delete the empty assemblies with sub assems proc empty_assembly {} { while 1 { *EntityPreviewEmpty assemblies 1 set emptyassems [hm_getmark assemblies 1] if {[llength $emptyassems] ==0} {tk_messageBox message "empty assems are deleted" return } *deletemark assemblies 1 } } empty_assembly thanks for your guidance, MEIYARASU19
  5. hi, please tell me your suggestion on solvers. i am trying to learn solvers ls dyna and optistruct. which one has the max scope on industry. please give your opinions. thanks in advance MEIYARASU19
  6. hi, i have interest to learn TCL scripting on hyper mesh. i have downloaded several tcl documents to learn it. the commands and structures on hypermesh are totally differs from the document. how do i learn it easily. please help me. regards MEIYARASU19
  7. ya you are right, but i am planning to create a script for delete them all in on shot with empty sub assemblies
  8. its for previewing an empty entity and to delete it
  9. if i hit the yes button the process could be done and it should ask again for yes or no..
  10. I would like to make a script loop script for Yes or no to repeat the action. Please help me out
  11. can you give the full script for me. because i dont know how to make it
  12. sorry..i am not good on scripts. Please give me the full script
  13. your script for combining 2 pentas into 1 hexa is not working on HM17.3, Please let me know your thoughts Regards MEIYARASU19
  14. hello... i would like to make a script to delete assemblies and sub assemblies in one action... that's need a loop script..please help me
  15. *EntityPreviewEmpty 1 set d [hm_getmarkentitytypes 1]; hm_createmark 1 $d; #while loop execution while { $d == 1 } { puts $d incr d } *deletemark $d i have tried with my knowledge, please let me know your corrections. thanks in advance.
  16. hello, i am new to make scripts. i am trying to do a script to delete empty assemblies and sub assemblies in one action. i need a loop format of script to do this. but i dont know the structure. please help me out.
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