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  1. This is my blank with 3mm elements. The red is my trim line. Notice when I trim, the elements around the trimline get smaller. I noticed this doesn't happen with your example. I should mention that I'm using Hyperform Solista v12. Is this due to a setting ? I'm wondering that perhaps whatever is causing this might be part of or the entire problem.
  2. Hi Gajendra Could you please show me a video of you setting up and then performing a trim operation on a component and then forming it after ? I want to make sure I am doing this right. Would be very much appreciated. Also, did your trims overlap each other ? Like an area got trimmmed, then formed, then trimmed again ? Thanks so much!
  3. Hi everyone, first post here I am having trouble trimming a blank. I formed a blank, trimmed it, formed it again, and need to trim a second time before continuing with the next stage. When I try to trim the already trimmed blank the second time, I get segmentation crashes. I can trim areas that have not yet been trimmed no problem, but when I try to trim an area that had already been trimmed once before, it either crashes or it messes up the elements around the trimline. Is it possible to trim a blank in an area that has already been trimmed once before in a previous stage ?
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