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  1. Hi, I want to define approx. oblong cross-section in model for representing tube geometry with PBEAM element. I have attached Snapshot of geometry. please suggest proper method for it. I want to avoid time required for 2D modeling and node to node connections of tubes to other parts as shown in images.
  2. Hi, I want to know detail procedure for Acoustic analysis of FAN application in OptiStruct. objective is to measure noise level. PF attached FAN image.
  3. there was error in mesh file, I re-meshed the model, now it is running fine thanks
  4. Hello, what may be the reason for this error in optistruct? I have updated the patch for new solver as well. still showing #192 error. PFA.
  5. Please find uploaded file. PSD.7z
  6. Hi Rahul, is following setup for PSD analysis is correct?
  7. Hi Rahul, actually we have only one OptiStruct license, and don't have fatigue software's like nCode/FEMFAT so I want to check with you about capability or methodology in optistruct with reference to below points: 1. can I use Random frequency response analysis using Process manager/analysis setup in Optistruct? and directly compare output stresses with endurance strength of material for different parts to predict failure. 2. Generally we gets PSD data inputs from customer for different tracks, each track contains number of channels, and they expect output in terms of number of cycles or damage. I think point 2 is not possible without fatigue software, but in short can we use point 1 approach to predict that parts will fail or not? I want to know your views on above points as a FEA Expert. thanks, Swapnil
  8. Hi Rahul, thanks for reply. please tell me that approach I have used below for PSD analysis is correct or not: FRF Setup: >I have created unit load(acceleration) case in FRF setup in X,Y and Z direction simultaneously. using SPCD card. >Given frequency range and increment using TABLED1 and FREQ1 >Excited the unit load through Rload2 cards with type as acceleration >SPC card is given at mounting location PSD Setup: >Given frequency vs G2/Hz as input to TABRND1 card for X,Y and Z direction. >Created combined RANDPS load collector for X,Y and Z direction TABRND1 Load Steps: >Created 3 Direct Frequency Response load steps for X, Y and Z using (SPC, DLOAD:RLOAD, FREQ1) Thanks, Swapnil
  9. Hello, I am having PSD data for mounting locations for frequency range of (1-50 Hz) from 60 hour shaker test. I am facing problem setting up the model in OptiStruct. should I go for FRF first and then PSD? or can I apply direct PSD data? please help me to understand and setting up the model for PSD analysis. I have attached the PSD data. thanks, Swapnil Vibration test RLDA for Forum.xls
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