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  1. Hi, I would like to know how can I create a command which selects nodes on a specific surface and then uses the nodes on that surface to apply the force. Thank you in advance Ahmed
  2. Hi, I have created a brake disc and pad assembly and I want to simulate the heat transfer between the pad and disc due to friction. The model is working fine but for some reason there is no heat transfer both pads and disc are at 300K temperature. Any help would be really great. I have attached my model files. Kind Regards, Ahmed thermal_assy_0001.rad thermal_assy_0000.rad
  3. Hi, I am trying to apply a rotational displacement to a disc. I have fixed the small holes with dof1-3. I have also fixed the centre node with dof 1-6. On the centre node I have also applied an SPCD in dof6 of 10 radians. I have connected the centre node with the inner hole at few points using RBE2. I am running nonlinear quasi static analysis. When I view the results in Hyperview the centre hole seems to split up (see picture). could you please advise what can I do get correct behaviour. Thanks Ahmed Results View
  4. Hi Pranav, Thank you for the clarification. So for example if I consider the same cylinder as you have shown in the figure and I want to enforce a displacement (as in rotate the cylinder) about z axis of 5 units should I define it in dof2 or dof3?
  5. Thank you Pooja and Livil for your answers. Where can I find the query button to do this? Query > component>check on simulation step >select the component> apply >export the table
  6. Hi, Could anyone tell me what dof 1-6 correspond to when a cylindrical coordinate system is defined. The cylindrical coordinate has labels of r, t and z. Thanks, Ahmed
  7. Hi, I have performed simple modal analysis and now would like to create a report which shows the contour plot of mode shapes and list the natural frequencies. I would like to export this report into wor or pdf. Thanks, Ahmed
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