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  1. Thanks mate for your answer Another and the last question : There is an option in OptiStruct to implement, let's say, new finite element formulation or modify the formulation of the element ... ? (like development module in Abaqus) If yes, can you please send me the documentation ? Thank you again and have a nice weekend
  2. The idea is to perform macro-scale contact simulation (Non linear static analysis) with smooth surface that include roughness
  3. Hi everyone, Anyone here working on the modelling of the roughness / wear on macro-scale FEM model ? Best regards, Farouk
  4. To be sure : I repeated the same simulation. Instead of using 0.1 I used 0.05 and it worked well ... Please keep me in touch.
  5. Thank you for your answer What do you mean by ASD* ? Yeah sure. Im just asking in order to learn from you. Thank you again
  6. Hi Young, It's weird. I ran a non linear static simulation (frictional contact model). I used this configuration (for NLADAPT, NLOUT and NLPARM respectively) : and It worked well ... If it's not confidential, can you please share your model or verify the time increment story in simple model than you can share it ? Best regards,
  7. Hi, I opened your model. Your master ELSET is empty (there is 0 element) : I have a question for you : Why are you using Linear Static step ? Why not Non Linear Quasi-Static ? Best regards,
  8. Hi Rex, For curiosity, why you want to perform fatigue simulation in frequency domain ? Best regards,
  9. I forgot ! for the model you can start from the page 167
  10. Hey There a good book provided by Altair. Inc. You can find the basic of what you're doing. You can find as well the model described in details ... Cheers, Introduction_to_Nonlinear_Finite_Element_Analysis_using_Optistruct-Altair_University_(2018).pdf
  11. Hi Shivani, Normally in high frequency you should use SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis). The method is particularly well suited for predicting responses at higher frequencies.
  12. Hi Geraldo, I joined a paper in which we explain some Fast FRS development. Cheers, Kim_et_al-2007-International_Journal_for_Numerical_Methods_in_Engineering.pdf
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