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  1. Apply the angular displacement carefully ! The results in optistruct depend on the angular displacement (in the second step) which is not the case in the CEA formulation ...
  2. do you have altair_lic.dat file ? if yes, are you sure that the *dat file is in the right directory ?
  3. In the inp file you have only two tables : connectivity and coordinate table.
  4. For the rpm, optistruct implementation supports only an angular displacement. You have to create a cylindrical coordinate and then apply a displacement following e_\theta. We can discuss the results after if you want ...
  5. I do exactly as @Adriano A. Koga said. Other details is I prefer the MAT9ORT to avoid an unstable compliance matrix. (MAT9ORT = inv(MAT9) ). farouk.maaboudallah@usherbrooke.ca
  6. As said by @Koushik Chandrashekhar you can pass by temp node. Another alternative is to delete the node from *fem file (if you use optistruct deck file).
  7. Linear FE for me means the classic element (HEX using Lagrange interpolation for example). I have never done fatigue analysis on beam or weld FE. Maybe we have to wait for the new OS release ...
  8. An example : cmd_str = ['"C:\Program Files\Altair\2020\hwsolvers\scripts\optistruct.bat"',' ','"Job.fem"']; system(cmd_str); Good luck
  9. I don't see why you can not perform it ...
  10. Hi FIRAS, Under the framework of the FEM, the idea is to solve the following system : K*u = F In general, the computational cost is correlated to the square of the DOFs (the size of the stiffness matrix K). In order to enhance the computational cost, we proceed by the reduction or the use of super FE. In optistruct, there is 3 implementations that you can find in the documentation. I will share with you am extract that explains the methods available in OptiStruct :
  11. Hi Luis, In general, the Hierarchical Bases produce, for the interpolation, an algebraic systems which are more robust and less susceptible to round-off error accumulation at high order. I don't know the optistruct implementation. But let me tell you, that HB or the use of bubble functions enhance the flexibility of the finite element especially in the bending behaviour. But you have to pay attention when you use this implementation for the large displacement - almost incompressible problem (think about the U-P hybrid formulation). Good luck.
  12. FaroukM

    License Setup

    Try to contact your local support service. They will help you with the setup.
  13. Try to get in touch with your local support service.
  14. It's confidential. But we can talk about the classic methods (CEA or DTA).
  15. Hi, Under the same BCs, you should obtain the same thing.
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