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  1. I want to make an avi output of a video h3d and getting this error
  2. Which are the best parameters for steel to steel contact? I have a wheel contacted with a rail.The impact function its being used, with normal force: F=k*z^2.1+c*dz/dt. What value of stiffness k should i put?
  3. I Have read this tutorial and i know the process for modal analysis.The problem is that i merge the components of the assembly with boolean function...something is going wrong.It would be helpfull if you could explain to me the output error.
  4. I merged the components of the frame with boolean solid edit and then i meshed the geometry with tetramesh. I want to make a modal analysis.
  5. I want a force to act on a body just for short period of time , to be like an impulse. Could i just apply a static force to act for 0.1 seconds?
  6. it seems its hasnt have the option project.
  7. How can i project a node to a surface? thanks
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