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  1. Hello Rahul, Thank you for your response. However If I got the "Inclusion Matrix" feature right, it is about using data obtained from previous optimization study to continue further with another optimization...It doesn't seem so helpful in my occasion. What I need is a method to use the data from the nominal run as Nodal Initial Condition for the next runs of the optimization procedure. Thus, the "next runs", meaning the runs for the alteranative designs, could be much faster than using the default Nodal Initial Conditions. Is there already a feature/setting to implement this? Should it be done through batch script for the AcuSolve? Thanks again for your time. Alex
  2. Hi all, I am a new user of Hyperstudy and I want to do a CFD shape optimization coupling HyperMorph and AcuSolve solver through Hyperstudy. In my model I have only one shape variable. I get a nominal solution for the velocity and pressure field from Hyperstudy for my initial geometry (mesh). My question is, can I use this solution as an initialization for the following analyses that Hyperstudy performs in order to get the optimum one? I suppose that in this way a more robust and fast method for the alternative design analysis could be implemented, since solving every possible flow field from scratch (with no guessing about the initial conditions) is avoided. Is there an automatic way to instruct Hyperstudy to use the previously acquainted solution as initial conditions for the next analysis? Should it be down through scripting ? Have I got it right or there is something that I am missing..? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Alex
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