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  1. I use only one outlet and I put P1 in pressure field... there is no problem to run steady state solution but still negative absolute pressure by running the transient one..
  2. Thanks to both of you ! I will try both proposals ! I need to take charge of Radioss... Acupro, I tryed to run a simulation with ideal gas, but Acusolve told me about negative absolute pressure... I tried to run before a steady calculation with constant density air to use it as restart for the transient one but I had the same problem...
  3. Hi every one ! I have difficulties resolving a tank decompression problem... I have a tank full of air at pressure P1 at t=0. At t=0.2, the tank is open to the outside at pressure P2<<P1. Analytically, after 1 sec, pressure of the tank is still far from outside pressure... So, on Acusolve, I did one volume with one outlet only. I put P1 value on pressure in Nodal Initial Condition and I created a multiplier function in order to get my outlet pressure equal to P1 before t=0.2sec, then drop down to P2<<P1 after t=0.2sec. I run the calculation for 1.2 sec. But the result show me that pressure inside the tank is folowing instantaneously the outlet pressure, which is absolutely not physically correct... I think that I miss some parameters somewhere, but I don't know where... Is somebody has any idea to help me ? Thanks a lot !
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