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  1. Hello all, I am student of BE Mechanical Engineering, currently working on my final year project which is based on induction heating system to braze diamond tips to carbon steel rods for concrete core cutting bits. I am having difficulty in designing, simulating and selecting work coil for my project using FLUX. I have applied for its license file. I just want to know, has anyone here worked at it? So I can work with them or under their guidance and help to complete my project and to share knowledge? Thanks Allot. Best Regards, Hamza Shakoor
  2. Hi! I recently applied for altair flux software student version. I received following email with altair flux download link and a license file, please see attached. I installed Altair Flux Supervisor normally through installer, and added environment variables with license file path as described in the email, following; In Windows 10, Go to Settings -> System -> About -> System Info -> Advanced System Settings. Click the Environment Variables button, and add a new User or System level environment variable with the New button. Add the variable name as ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH, click Browse File…, browse to the location that the license is stored and select it. When I started new project, i am getting error 9, kindly help. Thanks!
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