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  1. Hi Ivan, Thank you so much for the very useful information. Just one more question. Is this possible to have the nodal stress values of my CBAR element in an output file? Reason for that is because I wanted to automate my process instead of post process the results manually with hyperview. Thank you.
  2. Hi Ivan, Thank you for your kind reply. I think this control card returns you a .strs output file with stresses in the elements of your 1D (CBAR) structure. What I'm looking for is the Stress on the nodes. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Could you please tell me how to get the maximum combined stress ( Axial +Bending) on nodes for bars in ALTAIR? What kind of control card (Global Output Request) I need to define on my pre processor to have this data. Something like this ( attached file from PATRAN)
  4. Ok I explain better. When for instance I want to read the content of a .txt file in my scripting I just type something like this: file = fopen ( ' nodes.txt'.'r'); nodes = textscan(fid, %d %f %f %f %f ) fclose(fid); Now I want to read all data from my .oml file as well. What command I need to use to open my .oml file, that's my doubt? For instance from MATLAB I know that when you need to call a (.m) file in your code you just type the name and the program automatically recognizes it. Hope this make sense.
  5. Thanks Lorenzo. It works for the file conversion. My problem now is to invoke that file (.oml) inside the scripting code. I already tried to type the name of the file on editor's window but unfortunately it doesn't work. Do you know as well how to do that? Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you.
  6. Hi Lorenzo, Yes sure. It's a file combining a cell array 'Casename_Track' and a huge matrix 'Track_Stress_Matrix'. Something like this. Thank you very much for your help.
  7. Hello, Anyone knows by chance how to open and read all data in a .oml file that contains a Matrix [n;n] and a Cell array of strings ? Thank you
  8. Lorenzo, Thank you so much for the info. Do you know as well how I can edit the color, values and scale? Regards, Henrique
  9. Please, anyone knows how to add a colorbar? Thank you.
  10. Hi Lorenzo, Could you please show me a script example (can be the above colorbar) Thank you
  11. Hello, I have a simple .txt file with several node id and coordinates of each node displacement in x,y,z After open it with fopen command I want now to ensure I'm reading all all the data of the file not just the first line. If I use the fscanf command I'm just reading the first line of my file right? Do I have to create any logic or looping command or I have to create a general structure to read the file? Many thanks.
  12. Thank you very much Manoj. I worked that way.
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