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  1. Thank you so much Mel. I wanted to ask you one last thing. I have this project (waveguide with dielectric) solved with both FEM and FDTD. The scattering parameters obtained with the two methods are not coincident. I would like to know how I can ensure that results obtained with FDTD coincide with those of the FEM. What can I change in the FDTD project? FEM_ORIGINALE.cfx WAVEGUIDE_FDTD.cfx
  2. Hi Mel, Thanks for the reply. I'm using FDTD for the resolution for my model because using 4 GPU I decrease the resolution times compared to FEM. I followed the guide she suggested, I managed to create a model that I wanted but in Feko Solver I have this error. Can you help me? WAVEGUIDE_FDTD.cfx
  3. Can anyone help me solve this problem?
  4. I entered a pin feed to feed the guide, I managed to meshare. But when I started FEKO Solver I had these problems. FEM_FDTD.cfx
  5. Hello, I have the following problem. I would like to solve my electromagnetic problem using the 'Time Domain Solver (FDTD). First of all I activated the Finite Difference Time Domain from the 'Solver settings' menu. After doing this, the problem I find is that I can't apply the mesh to the rectangular waveguide, giving me a problem on the ports I've applied to it. Can someone help me? FEM_ORIGINALE.cfx
  6. Hello, in performing the optimization in CADFEKO I found this warning. How can I solve it? Do I need to change the minimum and maximum values of the parameters?
  7. Recapitulate the problem. I have measurements made with the VNA of the scattering parameters S11 and S21 with a configuration of a rectangular waveguide with a dielectric inside. I intend to quantify the relative dielectric constant and its loss tangent. So to get the latter I started by determining an initial value for the two, and then configuring an "Add Search" where I configured two masks (one relating to the magnitude of S11 and the other relating to the magnitude of S21). In the 'Goals' I defined two goals: the two scattering parameters must be the same as the two masks I defined. In the 'Parameters' instead I made the two variables vary: epsr and tan_delta. I wanted to know: - Is it right how I set the problem? I put the configuration files back because I changed the model PRIMA_OTTIMIZZAZIONE.cfx PRIMA_OTTIMIZZAZIONE.cfx.bak
  8. Hello, I have the following problem. I would have to vary the variable epsr and tan_delta, respectively the electric and tangent permittivity of loss of the dielectric that I have in the rectangular guide, so that the scattering parameters are equal to measurements made with the VNA. How can I set everything up with the optimization search? I set the problem in the following way but by launching the simulation I had warnings. Prima_ottimizzazione.cfx
  9. Hello, I have to characterize a dielectric material. I need to calculate the scattering parameters of the rectangular waveguide with inside it the dielectric to be characterized. Resolving both with the MOM and then subsequently with the FEM I have a correspondence on everything, except on the S21 phase. Who can tell me why? Thank you. FEM_FINE.cfx MOM_FINE.cfx
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