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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. I have not defined joint friction in my model. The model is very complex for sure, but it is not possible to make it more simple. This error appears when i import an FMU (a block exported from Activate). The FMU is also very complex and the same error appears when i only import the FMU in an empty MotionView model. So i believe there is a problem with the FMU. After all, I am trying to understand the error. I have faced this error many times before. Do you know what is it's refference? Thank you very much, Best regards
  2. Hello all, I have the same problem using an FMU. Does anybody know what is this error? Regards, Konstantinos
  3. Ok I got it. These are parts that are created automatically during export from Hypermesh. Anyway I believe these cause the problem . Thank you very much!
  4. I tried to change the convergence criteria but the results didn't change. However I noticed that the same model gives different results when setted up through Hyeprmesh and run through Acusolve Job launcher and when it is setted up at Hypermesh, exported and run through AcuConsole. I scanned the .inp files to examine if there is any different setting but I didn't find anything. So the problem is not related to the RESTART option but probably to Launcher/AcuConsole choice of the model's setup. It seems really strange! You can find attached the .inp file and the MESH.DIR folder for the ACUCONSOLE method and the HYPERMESH.DIR folder and the correspondent .inp file for the LAUNCHER method. The monitored results is the Traction force in y direction. MESH.DIR.rar acusolve.inp HYPERMESH.DIR.rar launcher.inp
  5. Hello, I am running a simulation with Acusolve and I try to investigate the effect of the Restart option at the final results. So I run the simulations in 3 different ways: 1) Using the job launcher of Hypermesh and letting Acusolve solve until it reaches convergence at the 31th time step. 2) I make an initial run through job launcher of Hypermesh, I stop the solver at the 20th time step and then I use AcuConsole's Restart tab to continue solving, initializing from the first run. The convergence is achieved at the 30th time step. 3) I utilize AcuConsole's Project tool in order to project the results of the initial (stopped) solution of the 20th step and then continue solving until the convergence is achieved at the 30th step. The resultant force as shown at AcuProbe is the same for cases 2 and 3 (175N) while for the first case it stops at (207) N. This difference seems strange to me since the models for all the simulations have the same mesh and solver settings. I would expect that the calculated forces by AcuProbe would be the same for all of the 3 cases. Is something that I am missing? Any ideas why does it happen? Thank you in advance. Ntinos
  6. The TIME_HISTORY_OUTPUT option seemed to work pretty well. I will also check the tutorial. Thank you very much for your answers.
  7. Hello, I am performing automotive simulations in Acusolve and I want to judge the convergence of my analyses. I want to monitor the value of pressure/velocity at a specific point (node or element) of the fluid volume or the force value at specific points on the car. So the Surface Output option is not realy useful...How can I do it? Thank you very much in advance. Ntinos
  8. Hi everyone, I am running a topology optimisation using optistruct solver under FRA. Because of the hard disk storage limits and the large computational time, i am trying to run using -core IN. This outputs the #273 error. Exactly mentions that: "The available memory, 2067 MB, is less than the minimum required, 5030 MB." But the physical memory of the computer is 96GB and also, in optistruct -len 80000 is used. As i monitored that the use of the memory doesn't exceed 60 GB. Also, before that error, appears a warning which mentions: "WARNING in hwsolver script execution: -core option set, '-len 80000' is not used" Could you please help me understand what is this error and how to run -core IN solution? I tried also a -core OUT solution but the solution stacked to ITERATION 0 for more than 8 hours (running into 16 CPU cores). I believe due to the large output /temporary files of the solver. These files were more than 35GB in total. The output H3D file had not been created yet. Thank you very much in advance.
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