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  1. Hi, i've a problem with topology optimization. I would like that my nodesign space (that's a shell) is completely connected to optimized design space. How to do that? I have this situation. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. The problem has been solved thanks to your advice. Best regards
  3. Hi, my name is Nicola ed i've a problem with the contact between a shell and a solid . I've a load distribution on a shell and i want to transmit them on the solid (with different mesh). I've done a CONTACT FREEZE, but when i do the static analysis you can see that the shall has a bad behaviour (master is the shell and slave is the solid). I tried to increase the thickness until 1 mm; this improved behaviour of deformation but doing that we are increasing stiffness of the system and decreasing displacements.. i expect thant the shell is completely attached to the surface of the solid so without compenetration or something.. Thank you for your help.. i need it. Nicola
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