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  1. Dear Mario, It worked perfectly. Thank you for your precious time Hugo
  2. Thank you Mario for your help, your LCn command works pretty well ! But i realize my study case is a bit more complicated than i expected : I have imported 3 h3d result files (Mom tension, Mom Comp, Tension) I have created two Derived load Case with them (Mom tension + Tension , Mom comp + Tension) i want to create Derived results with these 2 Derived load Cases such as : P1(Mom tension + Tension) - P3(Mom comp + Tension) In this case the LCn command is not helping. I would be very thankful if you have any idea or solution. My thanks.
  3. Hi all, It may sound very simple but i'd like to create an expression in the "Expression Builder" of HyperView using results of two different loadcase. For example i want to Substract the Stress tensor P3(minor) component from my loadCase A to the Stress tensor P1(minor) component from my loadCase B. I can't find any solution, Thank you for your help
  4. Hey, I'm interrested by writing a .hwascii document to import some results in HyperView. But i can't find any documentation about how to write nodes displacement or nodes stress or anything. Do you have any recommandation to start using this format ? Hugo
  5. Hi, Unfortunately i don't have the solution to help you But would you share the solution you found working with cylinders ? Thanks, Hugo
  6. I've found a way to get the path of the current file : hm_info hmfilename
  7. Ok but mine doesn't. it needs a specific path to export a solver
  8. Hi I'm currently working on a tcl script that exports a component in ".dat" format. And i'm looking for a way to export this .dat file automaticaly in the same directory as its component. It's possible to export it in a specific file by this way : *feoutputwithdata "//zola/samcef-p/TEST/Hyperworks_17/templates/feoutput/samcef/general" "C:/Users/x00000/Desktop/Contacts_export/name.dat" 0 0 2 1 1 but as you can see i'll always have to update the user's number "x00000" That's why i found another way, not depending on the user's id : *feoutputwithdata "//zola/samcef-p/TEST/Hyperworks_17/templates/feoutput/samcef/general" "$::env(USERPROFILE)/Desktop/Contacts_export/name.dat" 0 0 2 1 1 Thank you
  9. So, I noticed that in the .Dat file coming from CATIA v5, there were two lines creating and erasing a "Dummy element" : " I 831786 N ! Dummy element " " .MAI SUPPRIME 831786 ! Remove dummy element " Honestly i don't know what it is but it turns out that after erasing these lines the file works perfectly back. Hope it'll help other users having the same issue.
  10. Hi, Finally the issue comes from the fact that the .dat comes from Catia v5 Can't explain why
  11. I just tried on hm 14, same issue.. well there's not so much things to do. Thank you anyway ! Hugo
  12. So i changed my script for : #Select face sup nodes proc func_nodes_sup {} { set nodes {} hm_markclear nodes 1 *createmarkpanel nodes 1 tk_messageBox -message "[hm_getmark nodes 1]" } func_nodes_sup
  13. Edit : I got the same issue each time i'm calling nodes. same with *vectorcreate_twonodes 9868 9869 I believe there's a specific command to import nodes
  14. Hi Tinh, i changed my script for only : *createcenternode 9868 9869 9870 And i still have the same error message.. why ?? I forgot to mention that i import these datas from a .dat file. Maybe i need a command to call all nodes, i don't know..
  15. Hi i'm currently working on hypermesh tcl script I'd like to create a node at the center of a circle defined by three nodes. here's my script #Select face sup nodes set nodes {} hm_markclear nodes 1 *createmarkpanel nodes 1 set nodes [hm_getmark nodes 1] #create center node tk_messageBox -message "[lindex $nodes 0] [lindex $nodes 1] [lindex $nodes 2]" *createcenternode [lindex $nodes 0] [lindex $nodes 1] [lindex $nodes 2] unfortunately it doesn't work and i can't understand why.. Thank you
  16. Hello ! Facts (what i've understood) In contact pannel, when AutoContact is selected, there is the possibility to pick "Set of Nodes" that constrains the autocontact to be made from a surface/volume(?) and a set of nodes, respectively master and slave. Once this option picked and after choosing two components "A" and "B", the AutoContact tool creates for example a set of nodes on component A and a ContactSurf on component B. My goal Basicaly, my goal is to use a script that can force the autocontact to create the Set of Nodes on component B and Contactsurfs on component A How ? I found out this command *detectandcreateface2facecontacts very helpful to create Autocontact groups but working on Samcef, it actually didn't help.. Can anyone help me out ? I hope i have been clear enough in my explanations Hugo In blue component B and in red component A to follow my example
  17. Thank you so much, It worked perfectly ! Best regards, Hugo
  18. Hi, Firstly i appologise for my english and if the topic is not at the right place. I am currently working on a Auto Contact script and i need to know informations about the master and slave entity. When an auto contact is made, the master can be type Sets or type Contactsurfs and same for the Slave. I am looking for a command or a script that can return this specific information about slave AND master. When i use the command hm_getvalue i can only get the IDs of slave or master but without knowing in which collector they are. Here's what it looks like : Contact.tcl
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