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  1. Thanks so much Tinh, it works perfectly!!!!
  2. Effectively, I need a file format which could export my layer names and groups from Rhino 3D. I'm looking for that. To be continued! BTW, thanks all for your answers!
  3. Thanks for your answer Tinh . Effectively, no part name appears in the "Metadata To CAE" dialog box.
  4. Hi everybody! I'd like to know if it's possible to import in Hypermesh a CAD file (*.step, *.iges) from Rhino 3D with all my CAD layers and names (see picture 1)? I've tried it but after importation, I only have a list of components "brep_1" , "brep_2", .... (see picture 2). I'd like to get all my layers from CAD file with the right names and hierarchy. Thanks in adavnce for your help!
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