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  1. Hi, Let me further explain what I would like to do in Hypermesh. As shown in the above figure, the plate is meshed into different pieces. Normally, if I convert the mesh to surface using "From FE", a surface will be created. However, I would like to see if it is possible to split that surface into different mesh pieces such that when I export out to IGES or STEP file, the mesh can still be seen. Is that possible? Or simply, possible to export the mesh in IGES or STEP? I want the mesh could be visualized in other CAD software.
  2. I can only select the outer line but seems cannot right-click on mesh lines on "toggle edges"....
  3. Can you please give more details? 1. form the mesh 2. Create surface from FE 3. Click F11 > Toggle Edges 4. Choose Surface > Detach Is this what you mean? It seems that I still cannot do it,,,,
  4. I understand that there is a post talking about changing the mesh to surface and then export them out. However, it seems this is not what I want. For example, I have a rectangular plate with 9x9 quadmesh. I would like to convert the mesh into 9x9 surface but not just a combined surface. Can anyone tell me how this can be done?
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