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  1. Hi Sreeram, I tried the fix you suggested and it did not fix the issue. I still get the Can't Open COM0 error popup. I'm happy to try something else you think might do the trick. Regards, Erich
  2. Thank you Sreeram, I'll give that a try and see if it works. I'm going to assume then that if I've been using another board that wasn't having this issue that I'll have to switch between the two files or COM ports to when I move between the two boards. That is manageable for me, I just wanted to make sure that is what needs to happen. Regards, Erich
  3. Ok, I've had a chance to sit down and find the things you were asking for. In case there was something with the FTDI driver creating the COM port, I updated that and still get the same issue. It does appear that the redboard is not being auto detected. I don't see anything in the COM port selection when editing the Arduino Config.. Attached is a picture of what I see there and the screen shot of the COM0 dialog. I hope that helps. I'm happy to show you anything else you need to see as well.
  4. I will do that. It has taken me a while because I forgot to check the notify me of replies. I'll see what I can do in the next day or two. Thank you for responding. Erich
  5. I'm wondering if anybody has had any luck getting the SparkFun RedBoard to work with the Embed product? I've been able to successfully compile and download to an Arduino Uno that I have but have not been able to download to the RedBoard. I get an error: Can't open Com0. Check that the Serial Monitor is closed. I'm trying to use the blinking light test for both of these. Any insight would be appreciated. Erich
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