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  1. Altair Embed Basic Edition 2019.2 if successful compilation, we will see this screen however, i have Altair Embed Basic Edition 2019.2 on another pc that stops at the line e:\Altair\Embed2019\cg>set COMPDIR=C:\SysGCC\raspberry and the command prompt exited automatically (without reaching any key continue) what might be the problem
  2. is raspberry pi supported under the free basic edition?
  3. i try to use spicecustomblock with spice component in the same file, seems like it is not supported? if it is support how do i do it? screenshot belows shows i combine two built in examples (DCDCBulkconverter and DC motor model) in the same file and try to simulate and i encountered error message further down in another screenshot error message
  4. i want to simulate a simple buck converter connected to a simple load i try use the dc motor model but fail. here is the error message here is my settings. is it i have to set all the parameters?
  5. I am looking to build an example MCU with IoT support for Altair Embed but wonder if anybody has built one.
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