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  1. Thank @Rahul R very much. To use this feature, mesh should be enclose. It works pretty well. Thank again.
  2. Thank @Q.Nguyen-Dai. This link below contains the HM 2019 slide. http://blog.altair.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/HyperMesh-2019-Updates-3D-modeling-_Fuse.pdf I keep the red lines because I want to create the same model as on the slide (page 12). I want to try new feature (Check 2D Mesh in tetramesh panel). Have you used that feature yet? Does it work correctly?
  3. Hi everyone, I have just used HM 2019 version and see a new feature (Check 2D Mesh) in tetramesh panel. I have read Altair's Help but I can't apply this feature to my model. When I clicked the fix button, the intersection elements are deleted. Has anyone used this feature yet? How do I use this feature properly? The attachments below are my model file. Thanks in advance. Fix_intersection_elems_HM2019.hm
  4. Hi everyone, I am studying MotioView/MotionSolve. On youtube, I have found useful tutorial videoes about " Load extraction motorcycle Flexbody in MotionView". But I can't find the model motorcycle to practice. Does anyone have that model? Thank you very much. This is tutorial video:
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