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  1. Hi It will be helpful if you can help me in writing a logic in TCL/TK for the above problem.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply From knowing 2 is plot how can i make out whether the selected component contains 2d 0r 3d elements Regards, Mrunmaya Mudigere.
  3. Hi, One query How do i interpret the return value of puts $Types. If it is printing 2 what does that mean ? Regards, Mrunmaya Mudigere.
  4. HI Livil, Thanks Will Check the help document and revert back to you for any queries.
  5. Hi Livil, Thanks for the help. I implemented it and it worked out for me. I have another query regarding masking the elements in the model. I want to mask the nearby elements around a Node ID. Any help in this regard will be helpful. Thanks in Advance.
  6. Hello, I have a question regarding developing a TCL script in Hyperview for post processing. I want to pass the particular node id where the dynamic max value is displayed as a measure (after execution of contour plot) needed to create a note . I am not sure which command to use for getting the node id and then pass that node id to create a note (with passing that node id as an Entity ID). (Details enclosed as an attachment) Thanks in advance.
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