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  1. Hi Hyperman, 1. Can I set force and SPC on the modal surface like picture below? (I find an example at 42:42 in this video, 2. I've already checked the mesh, and it is there. But after I put composite laminate on my model, it's broken like this 3. However, I skip this problem and proceed to click "OptiStruct", there are lots of Error#15. I'll be really appreciate if you can check my file in the link below (https://) Thank you
  2. hello Hyperman I've prepared another non-thickness CAD with surface only. When I pre mesh, I can see the whole surface is meshed, but after I click "return", there's some area lost the mesh how can i fixed it? thanks
  3. HELLO Can I import my 3D CAD file into Composite analysis directly? My 3D CAD has thickness, but in HyperMesh example, it’s a pure surface. Does that mean I need to make my file a non-thickness CAD?
  4. Sorry I got one more question in the same video(23:20-23:55) I do as the video and remove the continuation line for Stress but it didn't show up at Composite Strains and Composite Stress
  5. Sorry I don't know where to remove the continuation line for STRESS may you show me in a photo? thanks
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