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  1. Thank you for your reply hari.... Issue solved already.... ✌
  2. I have modelled one Cube with conduction at upper side and convection at bottom side.. Material properties are provided with MAT4.. In this case Ambient temperature is referenced with convection elements.... (i)My doubt is how to link the Initial temperature or ambient temperature to Conduction heat transfer .... (ii) how to give the ambient temperature to entire assembly..... ?
  3. Also How to check the heat out (power) from the blocks . I have not mentioned applied power.
  4. How to provide heat transfer between two blocks seperated by some gap .... I have tried TCID and KOHTC entries in PCONTHT Property. My main concern is to find out heat transfer amount between gap (between two blocks ) .... Should not use mesh or gap elements in that gap .... Finally I got some results ... Same way I have tried with various gaps but results are not changed with respect to various gaps.
  5. Thanx for your response Rahul... Please mention how to check the 100 % Applied load at the end of transient time . I need clarification on full load is applied or Not.
  6. I have tried OLOAD output option. But it works only for Steady state heat transfer analysis....
  7. How to check or find the Applied heat flux at transient heat transfer analysis loading case.... In my case I have applied the 100 w/m2 Heat flux at top surface of the (1 m3) cube block .... Transient time zone is 0 to 2500 secs ... I have followed the tutorial oh OS-T:1090... I didn't get any errors also.... In the result of Element flux (v) , I got only 98.10 w/m2 flux on the top surface of cube at the end of trainsient time 2500sec.... Is it correct ? How to check the Applied heat flux ... ?
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