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  1. Hello, For my thesis I would like to use the model from inspire in another software, therefore I would like to know if there's a possibility to export the gradient FEA output as texture for my 3D model. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance
  2. I have already found the solution. Apparently made the slight modification my model just too large to solve. So if anyone experiences the same problem, keep this in mind
  3. Hello, I've trouble analyzing my inspire construction. After setting up my contacts, forces and constraints I'm starting the analysis and then inspire crashes and closes itself. Very strange because i've done several analysis's and optimizations before without experiencing any troubles. Also have I done several analysis's with this same particular model, only the constrains have changes slightly. Does anyone know the answer to my problem?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to define contacts between 3 parts of my model. The model consist out of shell elements only. Tried the autocontact, connectors and contactsurfaces tool. However I didnt manage to connect the parts. I have attached an screencapture of the file as well as the model file itself. Can anyone help me out here? BottomConstructionLoose.hm
  5. Hello, Massive thanks for your reply... As you undoubtly already noticed am i not such an experienced user in hyperworks. Your response is very clear and exactly what i needed Thanks a lot Ivan!!
  6. Hello, I attached the .FEM file of the optimization I want tot run. I don't know what's going wrong, anyone can help me out? Meshed+Laminated.fem
  7. I'm trying to perform an Composite optimization in Altair Optistruct. I have specified my laminate, and want the software to optimize the thickness of the plies. For the set up of the optimization I used a tutorial see: https://altairuniversity.com/7167-new-tutorial-composite-optimization-of-a-formula-student-monocoque/. I used my own model instead of the racecar. The results of the stresses can be seen in this image: Due to difference in stresses i expected the software to optimize my ply thicknesses. However this is not what the plot is showing, see image: The software gives me an homogeneous thickness. Does anyone know what I've done wrong?
  8. Hi Ivan, Thanks for your Reply, this is exactly what I needed,
  9. Hello, As far as I know its only possible to assign a single direction to a composite ply. However, lots of plies used in the composite industry are not unidirectional. For example a 0-90 ply. In this ply half of the fibres has direction 0 and the other half 90 degrees. How can I mimic this in Hyperworks/optistruct for an FEA?
  10. Hello, Currently I'm trying to optimize a composite laminate in optistruct. I have meshed the surface I use as shape. When I try to apply a pressure force on this surface the pressure is applied on both sides of the surface. This results in an displacement of 0 mm, ofcourse.... so: How can I apply a pressure force on a single side of a surface in Normal Direction?
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