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  1. Thank you Roberta! I am going to try to figure out how to write all these functions in Compose. I saw that Compose language is similar to Matlab language, but I have to take a look on their system functions to see how I would call the Command Line entities from Compose. Regards, Nikolas
  2. Hello guys, I found some commands on FEKO User Guide to run PREFEKO, make mesh ans run FEKO solver. The commands are (cadfeko_batch; runfeko) and I can run them from DOS (prompt command window on Windows). These commands are interesting because I do not have to open FEKO GUI (Graphical user interface) to make mesh and run the solver, and I can call them from MATLAB. But I am having problems to export from the simulation only Data I want without open POSTFEKO GUI, for example : Transmission and Reflection coefficients and range of frequencies. Does someone have a clue? If I open POSTFEKO and load the simulated file I can export the information as (*.tr) extension, a file with what I want, but I cannot find any information on how to call this kind of "exporting flag" on command line... I do not want to open GUI at all. The image below has one option [--data-export-format n], but on the function description do not have any information about extension (*.tr) Does anyone have an example of a FEKO problem when FEKO did not have GUI? Or some examples of all DOS commands to manipulate FEKO? Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Nikolas Nascimento Aguilar
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