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  1. Thank you guys very much. Adding " -nouserprofiledialog -uOptiStruct" to the executable path helped. Deleting hmsettings,hmmenu is not possible due to limited rights for the Altair folder.
  2. Hello there, I'm currently dealing with an issue regarding userprofiles window which appears directly after start of program Hypermesh (version 2017.2). When I predefine i.e. "Optistruct" as a solver and deselect "Always show on start-up", this choice is not saved. When I close and re-run the HM, the same window will appear. Is there an *.tcl script where I can predefine: default option Optistruct plus do not show this window again, please? Where are these user-predefined options stored? Do I need rights for full control somewhere? I've spend more than few hours on this topic, went through userprofiles.tcl, UserProfilesDialog.tcl, userprofilesmanager.tcl. Any hint is more than welcome. Thank you in advance.
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