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  1. Hello there,


    I'm currently dealing with an issue regarding userprofiles window which appears directly after start of program Hypermesh (version 2017.2). 

    When I predefine i.e. "Optistruct" as a solver and deselect "Always show on start-up", this choice is not saved. When I close and re-run the HM, the same window will appear.

    Is there an *.tcl script where I can predefine: default option Optistruct plus do not show this window again, please? Where are these user-predefined options stored?

    Do I need rights for full control somewhere?


    I've spend more than few hours on this topic, went through userprofiles.tcl, UserProfilesDialog.tcl, userprofilesmanager.tcl.


    Any hint is more than welcome. Thank you in advance.



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