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  1. Hi Mel, yes, after spending a few days looking through EDITFEKO and the script editor, I think the path forward is what you said, lua scripts. I will look into Hypergraph. Thanks much, Kurt
  2. I am looking to optimize a field distribution in the test volume of a near field simulator. Typically in the past I have pulled in the near field data into matlab and can quickly calculate mean, standard deviation, max, min, etc. on a 3D array of the near field values. I don't see a straightforward way to do that within FEKO, for example use the editor to calculate the statistics on the 3D near field volume in question and output for viewing in POSTFEKO. For example, I could then view the spatial average and standard deviation values with respect to frequency. How do people do this now, FOR loops? End goal is to optimize with various geometric parameters of the antenna. Thank you, Kurt
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