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  1. How would I apply this command line? Scripting?
  2. Dear all, I need to carry out some calculations and for that, I need to know the volume of each element separately. Is there an easy way I can extract these values from hypermesh or even hyperview?
  3. I am modeling seam weld as usual, using the angled quads weld type. For some reason, I cannot find this weld type option anymore. I tried switching between all user profiles already but no success. Any idea what I could be missing?
  4. Pranav Hari, It works perfectly now. The PDF content is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much.
  5. Pranav Hari, I applied the procedure that you described, but where do I get the result? Does it come in a separated file? To make it clear, I don't want to see the contour for a group of specific elements, instead, I am interested in the sum of all strain energy in the part. For instance, the procedure I am using now is to extract the strain energy of all elements in a .cvs file, and then sum all the values in Excel. However, this procedure is time-consuming when you have a large model, so I am looking for a simpler procedure to obtain this single scalar value.
  6. I need to obtain a simple scalar value for the total strain energy of my model. However, so far, I have only managed to obtain the strain energy for every single element. I am using Optistruct profile and running a linear static analysis. I have seen the same topic a few times in the forum, but none of the solutions seems to work for me. Any help is appreciated.
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