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  1. And is there any way of doing it with 1D beams?
  2. And is there any way of doing it with 1D beams?
  3. Good morning, Could you guys tell me what is the card to put together two TLOAD? For example to put different SPC we can use SPCADD. Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. Okk thanks!! One more question. It's a different situation. Now I have a One-Step Transient Thermal Stress Analysis (I already checked the info around this). So I did a model with the environment as heat source (the temperature of the surroundings go from 17 to 23 degrees), so I used a TLOAD, TABLED, SPC TEMP, SPCD, TSTEP and TEMP cards to do both a heat tansfer transient and a linear static analysis with the output temperatures. Now, I'd like to create more heat sources (for example due to the heating of a engine). Do I have to create the same cards now for this new source (having in mind that I want to mantain the source of the environment) and then include both TLOADS in a DLOAD? (and therefore introduce this DLOAD in the LoadStep). Hope I explained well, Thanks a lot in advance
  5. Good afternoon, I have a BEAM (CBEAM) component and I would like to see how it deforms due to a VARIABLE TEMPERATURE applied to the whole BEAM. Is that possible? Obviously I would only like to see how it deforms on the direction of it's axis (as a BEAM is a 1-D element). The TEMPERATURE would go from 17 to 23 degrees in 6 hours (1 degree increment every hour) Thanks a lot in advance! Sergio
  6. Thanks! Now I changed the load step to a transient analysis because I am gonna set up an ambient temperature and with convection and conduction see how the temperature increases in the solid and also how it deforms. Nevertheless in a tutorial about "Transient Thermal Stress Analysis" it says that I have to create a CONVECTION interface and refer it to the Material I just created. That material is also created in the tutorial and it is a MAT1 with data for MAT 4 But when in the convection card image I try to select that material it doesn't appear How could I fix it? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I would like to make a transient analysis with temperature. I mean: Going for example from 17 to 23 degrees of the temperature of a body in 1 hour. Making steps of 10 minutes for example (total of 6 steps). I tried to do it with TABLED, TSTEP and creating a temperature LOAD but it doesn't work. It says : " *** ERROR # 2094 *** EXCITEID on TLOAD1 # 17 data references follower force or nonexistent DAREA/static loading with ID # 16." Could you help me? Big thanks in advance
  8. Hi. I cant see where to right click the Hypermesh icon. Could you send me a picture? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I get this error when trying to run Optistruct "ERROR: Starting Run Manager in read-only folder. Please change "Start in" location in Properties of solvr icon/menu and/or move input file to a different location" I've moved it to many different places and still get this error, plus I don't see where to change the "Start in" location. Thanks in advance!
  10. Is it possible to create some commands or steps to follow so that when somebody else opens the file he/she can read them and know how she/he has to hide or show assemblies for a certain type of analysis or load steps? I hope I explained well. Thanks in advance!
  11. I made a normal modes analysis and now with Hyperview i'm trying to get the data I need. I already got the eigenvectors (X,Y,Z) for each of the modes using the Matrix Browser. Nevertheless when I get those result I don't get the natural frequency (eigenfrequency) related to that specific eigenvectors. As you see in the picture below, the frequency doesn't appear (only that those data is related to "sel1"). How could I make the eigenfrequency to appear there so ones I postprocess the results I can get access to that data? Thanks in advance Sergio
  12. SOLIDS in Green and SHELLS in orange
  13. Good afternoon, I'm trying to mesh a housing and I wanna model parts of it with SHELLS and others with SOLIDS. How do I connect both? Thanks!
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