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  1. Hello Vipin, I need to use comps instead of elems and extract the masses to a variable. I'm trying the same procedure as you mentioned, but not able to get mass for all components. Can you help. TIA.
  2. Thanks Tinh. And is there a way to automate that process. Like I want to display the tag on the components, containing information's like name of the component, thickness (through hm_getthickness) , mass (through hm_getmass) , material and so on. Maybe a tcl command to excute this process. Guide me through the process. Thanks Again.
  3. Is there a way to put notes in HyperMesh, the same way as its done in HyperView. Please help in doing the same.
  4. I need to create a macro, which would help me to display the name, material properties and dimensions of a component by clicking/selecting it, moreover if the components contains multiple parts it would help to select only those parts whose Properties tag i wish to display. Any help in this regard is very much appreciated.
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