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  1. After resetting the mesh element type and fixing the rest of the errors, we were finally able to get rid of all the errors from the model check in hypercrash. However, when we ran the model on Radioss, the same errors keep popping up. Can you please tell us why? Another question is that we tried to import the model on hyperview to see if the simulation animation works, but it says datatypes are not available in provided files.
  2. Hi thank you for the reply, so addition to the input from the example, I have added a, b, and n. Will this be sufficient or is there any other inputs that we must consider for the frontal vehicle crash analysis?
  3. I'm sorry, due to the confidential issue, we are not able to share the model. Is there another way instead of releasing the model? (maybe via real-time chat or phone call?)
  4. Hi, We have changed the QUAD4N elements and updated the changes. But we get this error. Again, I think we are able to fix all these errors. We just have to set new BC, Accelero card and node cards for the replaced parts. But we still get "Part and Subset Cards" and "Rigid Body Cards" errors. Please let me know other possible methods that can get rid of these errors Thanks
  5. Hi Pranav, For error ID: 760, it was discovered that the dummy model we have imported caused an error so we have simply removed it for now. However, for the error ID 286, we already had the element type set up to the shown image. I have included the photo of error checks. I am able to auto-fix/manually fix everything except for "0 or 1 Slavenodes in Rbody" error which we already have set up and "Part and Subset cards" error which I am not sure why it makes an error. Can you please let me know why you think it is causing the error and how we can fix this? Thank you. Brian
  6. Hi Pranav, Thank you for your reply. I read the RADIOSS reference guide, more specifically, Law 25 as we are using the shell element. I realized that in the given example, which is also illustrated below, only certain parameters are put in. (RHO_I, E11, E22, NU12, E33, G12, G23, G31, wpmax, fmax, sig_1yt, sig_2yt, sig_1yc, sig_2yc, sig_12yc, sig_12yt) They did not include parameters such as "b", plastic hardening parameter or "n", plastic hardening exponent. Will inputting only these parameters still be sufficient for the analysis?
  7. I need to simulate the frontal vehicle collision using the carbon fiber composite hood material using the Tsai-Wu theory failure. However, I do not know a lot of the required mechanical properties for this failure theory. Attached file contains the information of the carbon fiber material properties and it is a quasi-isotropic material, therefore, I believe we can input equal mechanical properties in x and y direction (1 and 2 direction) This simulation does not require the exact result and obtaining only the trend is sufficient. Can you please take a look at the attached files and let me know which mechanical properties that we do not have are crucial to simulation? Biaxial lay-up.pdf
  8. I am getting errors in RADIOSS when I tried to simulate the crash model that has been exported from HyperCrash. ERROR ID : 286** ERROR IN INPUT CONSISTENCYDESCRIPTION : QUAD ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH N2D3D=0 ERROR ID : 760** RADIOSS STOP DUE TO INPUT ERROR What would be the solution for these errors? I cannot share the model due to the confidential issues.
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