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  1. Hello, I have performed a transient thermal simulation with OptiStruct. I want to get the surface average value of temperatures in a surface for all the time steps, but I don´t know how to get it. Do you have any idea of how to do it in HyperView? Thank you very much Juan Iradier
  2. Hi, do you have any example of a thermal analisys with heat hgeneration and convection in the same element?
  3. Hello, I am performing an steady state Heat Transfer analysis. I have a battery meshed in Hypermesh and I want to create a heat generation in all his elements and free convection to a node with the air reference temperature to the surfaces. I generate the heat with a load type QVOL and the convection with the convection card in interface surfaces, but when I try to perform the simulation an error message appears saying: *** ERROR # 5028 *** QVOL does not refer to valid heat conduction elements. QVOL ID = 3. Is there any possibility to have both in the same element: heat generation and convection?
  4. Hi acupro, Okay than you very much,
  5. Hello, I am performing a heat transfer simulation on acuSolve and I want to get the convection coefficient. I suppose that the surface film coefficient refers to that, but how is it calculated? I know that in ansys fluent is calculated this way: Thank you Juan Iradier
  6. Hello, I have done what it says in that post, but the error keep coming. And if I keep selected the components that I want tot export, "segmentation error" message appears
  7. I have a geometry in Hypermesh wich I try to export to acusolve, but an error message appears: No valid 3d element found in the neighborhood of tria element I have tried to take de faces out from the control volume and organizing them in my surface components but the error keeps appearing. I do not know what to do. Thank you.
  8. I run a Boussinesq density model, and with the definition of the nodal pressure the model seems to work well. So, in conclusion, the absolute pressure offset would be a value that changes the pressure value of the BC's?
  9. Hello, I have to perform a simulation with air at a pressure of 10 kPa. So should I move the absolute pressure offset to -90000? My simulations wants to calculate the natural covection obtained in these conditions. Also I defined a Far Field with a pressure inlet condition of 10000. Is my setup well done?
  10. Hello, Thank you for the reply I couldn't make a solid map because the solid was not mappable. Insead, I took the external surfaces of each body, delete the one that was the interface between the two volumes from the grey part and trim the interface surface of the blue body in order to have T junctions in the common edges. That way I was able to get a interface surface common to both volumes.
  11. Hello, I want to make a thermal simulation of a cooling plate in hyperworks with the AcuSolve Solver. The geometry would be this: Where an aluminium cooling plate (the grey solid) is in contact with a water flow (blue volume). The problem is that I can't get a mesh with coincident nodes between both volumes, taking into acount that for the AcuSolve simulation I need two surfaces in the interface between the solid and the liquid volume. Do you have any solution for it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, I want to make a thermal simulation with the solver acusolve in hypermesh. In this simulation i hahave a control volume (water) that flows through a a cold plate i n contact with multiple solids with a heat source. The problem is that when I make the mesh in hypermesh it does not make coincident nodes between txo different volumes, as it does in acuconsole. What should I define te make the nodes in the shared surfaces between different volumes coincident? Thank you
  13. I'm running a transient simulation in acuSolve, and when I try to open AcuProbe to view the residuals plots it does not open. Then, if I open another AcuSolve session and I try to open AcuProbe, the information window appears and it says : pnlTools.pnlToolsError :Unable to Launch AcuProbe. I have tried to restart the computer, do you have any idea of how can I solve it? Thank you
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