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  1. Hi Thanks, I did get a better result but I have a doubt are there any preconditions required to place the node for these functions "draw direction, extrusion, pattern grouping" ( I even tried it with my model using diff samples). I did got through the tutorials and the videos which were available and is it possible to use all the above 3 at once. Thanks
  2. Hi Thanks for your tips. I do have a small doubt the result u obtained previously, is it all dependent on the meshing or any other factors have to be considered. Thanks
  3. Hi, I did try out most of the functions in QI panel except drag tria element and when I tried using smooth function it does not give any result back it still remains the same. I used the QI optimize function for my previous models except I didn't make any changes to the Jacobean value. "Yes, I meant mesh size in the X direction, which should be equal to mesh size in YZ plane." Reagrding this, is there any way I can check it out or understanding from the figure. Currently I am not in front of the system. I will try these out and let you know. Once again big thanks for guiding me with your feedback.
  4. Hi, i have meshed it as per the above info. Have a look and let me know for any errors. can you have a look. I have used the partition like always to separate the two parts front and end. You mentioned " I have re meshed the model with hexa/penta mesh with uniform element size through the thickness.". Is the thickness mentioned here about the mesh size. Kind trial1.hm
  5. Hi I have tried to include most of the suggestion you have mentioned. I have tried it with both quads and mixed meshing with meshing size of 2. I still wasn't able to get a good result like yours. I have uploaded both the files and photos of the 2 meshes. Any valuable feedback is appreciated. I also took the MINDIM to be 2.(if its wrong kindly help how to calculate this value with an example). Thanks quad.hm Mixed.hm
  6. Hi can you check the model which i uploaded whether the meshing is correct. Initially I started with meshing in 2d and got a value of 0.02. Then I converted to 3d model. Element density =2 hexa.hm
  7. as you mentioned "recommended that MINDIM be at least 3 times, and no greater than 12 times, the average element size" so if element size is 1 then for 3D models should it be 3 (MINDIM).
  8. Can you help with this what this light blue color indicates and i get a mesh value of 0.01. i am using element optimize method.
  9. Thanks Just to get some point clear 1) For hexa meshing -> 3D -> Solid Map -> one volume -> source shel -> quads only -> elem size= 1. I have attached a snap shot below 2) as you mentioned "recommended that MINDIM be at least 3 times, and no greater than 12 times, the average element size" so if element size is 1 then for 3D models should it be 3 (MINDIM). 3) when I increase my element size to 2 i get an error message saying " Element # 17725, element type HEXA. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: ERRORS DURING ELEMENT QUALITY CHECK."
  10. I tried applying force close to the edges as shown in the figure both the sides and got a result. This is the closest i got to. I am trying to get the x design in the middle.
  11. Thanks a lot . I will have a look. But i did try out many forces and other possibilities but still not getting a model like what i wanted to as shown in the picture. the only result i am getting is the model without the red lines which i think is wrong. any valuable feedback/suggestions appreciated. Kind Regards sample.hm
  12. Hi, Thanks for that. Could you please help me out with how to do FEM analysis for this model. (the steps involved in this process) Kind Regards Iwin Philip
  13. Hi, I do have a doubt why does it show " No closed volume found " even though i checked everything and all lines are intact. Iwin2.iges
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