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  1. Hello, Beginner questions. I would like to model an incident electromagnetic beam reflecting/interacting with a specific geometry "Sierpinski Tetrahedron". Achieving a result similar to what is shown below at primarily 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz +- The model in question is rather large as it represents the footprint of a building This is for architectural concept design. (postgraduate research) and i am seeking to build a case for emf attenuation within buildings to provide emf-free zones. This link shows a project carried out within the Altair software suite and closely resembles my desired result for testing different geometries and their effect on building footprint https://insider.altairhyperworks.com/emp-analysis-building/ (is the model for this project available for download and inspection? ( to reverse engineer the process)) And this link/video shows the animation of what I would like to achieve however with a different geometry. Pulse wave? I understand this is a relatively simple procedure within Feko capabilties, however time is a constraint and I would like to request the following: 1- Could someone outline the basic process to achieve this? 1.5- I am seeking to model anechoic chambers as a stand-alone feature as well. (as depicted in the attached image) 2- Is it feasible to model a large scale anechoic chamber and analyze it at the specified frequencies or will RAM requirements be too high? 3- Additionally the building geometry would act as a form of antenna and I would like to check principles of antenna optimisation could be applied on a building scale. (Efficiency of currents generated through the structure etc.. Attached are images of what I would like to achieve and the building geometry at a conceptual stage. Thank you for your time. Roberto Specs: OS: Win 8.1 Cpu: i7 4790k (4.3Ghz) (4 cores) Ram: 16gb Gpu: Nvidia 980m 8gb
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