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  1. Hi Adriano, Thank you so much for the prompt reply. In the documentations under Reference Guide->Output Data->Files Created by OptiStruct->.cntf file it is said: "This file is created when the OPTI format is selected in the CONTF I/O Options Entry for Linear Static, Linear Inertia Relief, and Nonlinear Static Analysis (NLSTAT) runs." Earlier I asked about the availability of output CONTF and you answered that it is available for transient dynamic NL analysis. As I understand from the documentations CONTF summation is unavailable for that type of analysis. Can you please confirm that?
  2. Dear All, Is it possible in OS to sum over a vector field in order to calculate the resultant? Specifically I am interested in the resultant contact force during a Nonlinear Transient analysis. If this can be done only via postprocessing can you please let me know where can I find information in the documentation and if it is possible to do that in Simlab or only in Hypermesh and HyperView? Thank you
  3. Dear all, Is it possible to calculate free body diagram in Simlab as can be done in hyperView? In the following link the capability in hyperView can be seen: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/free-body-diagrams-in-hyperview/ I searched for this topic in the documentation but couldn't find anything.
  4. Thank you for the information. I now understand what trim does. I highly recommend to include these features in the documentation. Otherwise it is almost impossible for the user to use it wisely.
  5. Thank you Adriano. If you, or any other user, has some idea on how to workaround this limitation and derive the contact force using FORCE/ELFORCE in linear transient analysis then I'll be happy to know.
  6. Hi Adriano, Thank you for the fast reply. I was reffering to both linear direct and nonlinear contact actually. I browsed the documentation, under Reference Guide->Output Data->Results Output by OptiStruct->Transient Analysis Results and CPNTF is absent from the table.. I couldn't see any distinction between linear and nonlinear transient analysis in this article. If you say that nonlinear transient dynamic analysis should allow to extract CONTF then the documentation should reflect this. Regarding linear transient analysis: even though only linear contact is allowed there (no contact change) then contact forces may still arise in bonded contact. Is it possible to extract them? Thank you, Amir
  7. Dear all, As for now it is impossible to extract contact forces in implicit dynamic analysis using CONTF. However, FORCE/ELFORCE (elemental force) is still available. Is there a way to extract the temporal contact forces using FORCE on shell elements which may be in frictional contact some time during the analysis? Thank you, Amir
  8. Hi, When creating contact there's a definition called "trim". In the documentation it is said: "The contact surface elements will be trimmed based on following trim option selected.." but the documentation doesn't explain what trim is. Can you please assist?
  9. Hello, I have a relatively large bulky part with many internal holes. I need to view the stress field inside the structure and not on the outer surface. I tried to use the "Clip assembly with with a plane" but it doesn't work well. I don't see the cut-plane surface, only the outer surfaces. I tried to search for this option in the documentation but I couldn't find anything. Is it possible to do that in Simsolid? Thank you, Amir
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