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  1. I am wondering why I cannot mesh the LA25 Center Plate and LA25 Doubler Plate surfaces (see attached picture). I tried playing with mesh sizes but it's not helping. What are the reasons why surfaces are not meshed? TP_90_deg-1.hm
  2. On top of that, I cannot open multiple views in HV when I use the Workstation 2 with RTX 3000 GPU (a very capable GPU). I wonder if I have to change some settings on the GPU to make the HV show the multiple views option. "Edit" Multiple views is not ok. I just unchecked the "Enable GPU Computation" under Options --> Performance in HV.
  3. I have always experience this freezing of Hyperview. My version is HV 2017. Every after few minutes, my Hyperview just freeze. So i have to open another HV to visualize results. Does anyone here knows any solution to this problem? I have used 2 different workstations but still it happened. Workstation 1: core i7-9th gen 16Gb RAM Quadro P2000 Workstation 2: intel Xeon 2236 Quadro RTX 3000 32Gb RAM Even my desktop with GTX 2070 nor my laptop with i7-8th gen and On-board graphics all experience the same issue. That might mean that the issue is on the software itself and no longer on the machine. Can anyone shed a light on this?
  4. Haven't tried that version yet. And I believe we don't have that version. So that means, there's no work around for the 4k monitor?
  5. I have a workstation with Quadro P2000 and I get that black screen...what the heck!
  6. I start having problems with hyperworks when I got this workstation with Quadro P2000 with 4k display. This workstation should run hyper blah blah with ease but I experience the other way. Sometimes when I open a file, I see only black workspace. Sometimes, no model or weird texts, misplaced tools, what the heck are those? What is the best GPU setting for hyperworks/view using Optistruct as the solver? Please help before I throw this workstation away due tofrustration
  7. This is actually getting weirder as I cannot drag the hyperview to my secondary screen. The hyperview snaps to the edge when I minimized or reduce the window size and stays that way until I maximize it again. Update: Opening the hyperview right to the second screen (1920x1080) solved the problem. If this is the case, how will I solve the problem in my 4k laptop?
  8. The text of the Legend on my Hyperview looks too big. Is it because my screen is 4k? I am using workstation with quadro P2000. The drivers are all updated. I have already tried the smallest text size for the Legend but it doesn't help. Anyone had this problem?
  9. Hi. I got a new workstation with P2000 quadro with 4k display. The problem I have now is that the workspace of HM and HV. The workspace seems to be floating and when I pan, the model is cut. When I was using a pc with GTX 2070 or even the GTX 1060, I don't get this problem. Now with a professional GPU, i get this problem. Is it a GPU setting problem or is it related to my display which is now 4k? By the way, I already applied scaling (just in case you ask). Thanks
  10. I have modeled a steel wide flange with rib plates. The result I am interested in are the weld stresses. I have modeled the weld as 3d but there are parameters that I can't input. Is it better to model the weld in 3d? If there are better ways to do this, let me know. Again, I am only interested on the weld stresses. I am attaching my hm model and the *.out file. HM 2017.2/Optistruct Gusset Plate_Rev C.hm Gusset Plate_Rev C_001.out
  11. I am using HM 17.2 (Optistruct) and have no Radioss. My problem is using Contact in Optistruct. Somehow I can't get the result I am expecting because of the problems I have in my model. The contact doesn't seem to function the way I want it to be. There are errors that I don't get. Some errors are: *** INFORMATION # 4739 The structure of surface-to-surface contact element is quite different than that of node-to-surface contact element. No internal CGAP/CGAPG elements are created for surface-to-surface contact. *** INFORMATION # 3433 MUMPS solver is used by default for nonlinear analysis at subcase 1. I have only 1 version of HM and have only Optistruct too. Educate me please JDN_Loading_Beam_Rev_B2.hm
  12. Thanks a lot Mario. I wonder how that happened though. At least, about 80% of the model have been restored
  13. I was doing a model then I left my PC for just about 5 min, then my hypermesh crashed. Miraculously, the hm model became corrupted or broken for whatever reason I am not aware of. It'll be hard for me to just it all over again as I haven't saved it Can somebody check my file please? This is the error messge: Only the OK button is clickable. Other buttons can't be clicked nor nothing happens when clicked. Thanks TP_Assembly_Step_1_Rev_A1.hm
  14. Thanks a lot Hyperman! Your replies were extremely helpful and well explained. You just saved my ass. How i wish all replies will be like this. Kudos to you bro!
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