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  1. When I use other software, I can see that my GPU (not the onboard GPU) is working more than my CPU. So I am wondering if there's something I need to do in order for my computer to use my GPU when using Hypermesh. For big models with many holes, just breaking the surfaces takes a heck of a time and the HM is using a lot of CPU, not my GPU.
  2. When you click Ctrl+Shift+Esc, under "Processes" or "Performance" tabs, you'll see what hardware is currently working on a certain program. My GPU is always doing nothing no matter how many HM models I open and run. I have tried opening 10 HM models and 5 HV models, my GPU is still not helping. Rather, more than 50% of my CPU and close to 75% of RAM are being utilized. My processor is Xeon (16 cores) and 16Gb of DDR4.
  3. I have 2 workstation laptops. Both of them have professional graphics. One has P2000 and the other one has RTX3000. However, whenever I try to use hypermesh, hypermesh only uses my CPU and so my GPU is doing nothing making it useless. Does anyone know what do I do in order for Hypermesh to use the full potential of my GPU? I already tried to tweak the NVidia Control Panel to use my GPU as default but still Hypermesh ignores my GPU.
  4. Thank you very very much!!!
  5. Thanks a lot for your reply. I didn't know there's a feature like that. So how will I activate that "Keep Mesh" thing?
  6. I am really wondering why it takes so long for hypermesh to break surfaces in my certain model. It takes more than 5 hours to totally break few surfaces only. I don't believe it is because of my computer. My computer has a lot of power to run this software. See picture below for the surfaces to be broken before meshing. Hypermesh 2017 CPU Processor: Xeon E-2286M 16 Gb RAM DDR4 Quadro RTX 3000 Professional GPU 512Gb M.2 NVMe Storage (KXG60ZNV512G TOSHIBA) I am also attaching the file for anytime to test the surface breaking. I don't know if I have to tweak my GPU for Hypermesh or just leave everything in default mode. Transition_Piece_with_Lifting_Frame_90deg.hm
  7. Thanks Hyperman. Those looks like the right thing to do but is difficult to follow. One way I thought was to just calculate the tensions on the wires and apply tangential forces to the pipes where the wires are connected.
  8. I have to analyze the effect of cables circling some pipes. I don't know how to model this cable/pipe contact. Can anyone give me a guide on how to do this? See the cable line (red) below.
  9. I am wondering why I cannot mesh the LA25 Center Plate and LA25 Doubler Plate surfaces (see attached picture). I tried playing with mesh sizes but it's not helping. What are the reasons why surfaces are not meshed? TP_90_deg-1.hm
  10. On top of that, I cannot open multiple views in HV when I use the Workstation 2 with RTX 3000 GPU (a very capable GPU). I wonder if I have to change some settings on the GPU to make the HV show the multiple views option. "Edit" Multiple views is not ok. I just unchecked the "Enable GPU Computation" under Options --> Performance in HV.
  11. I have always experience this freezing of Hyperview. My version is HV 2017. Every after few minutes, my Hyperview just freeze. So i have to open another HV to visualize results. Does anyone here knows any solution to this problem? I have used 2 different workstations but still it happened. Workstation 1: core i7-9th gen 16Gb RAM Quadro P2000 Workstation 2: intel Xeon 2236 Quadro RTX 3000 32Gb RAM Even my desktop with GTX 2070 nor my laptop with i7-8th gen and On-board graphics all experience the same issue. That might mean that the issue is on the software itself and no longer on the machine. Can anyone shed a light on this?
  12. Haven't tried that version yet. And I believe we don't have that version. So that means, there's no work around for the 4k monitor?
  13. I have a workstation with Quadro P2000 and I get that black screen...what the heck!
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