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  1. Hi Rahul, Thanks, is has been solved. I deleted 2D surface, use find face of 3D surface, then equivalence.
  2. Hi! I have this problem couple of times by Hypemesh.:( I trim the Solid with lines – by vertor (z direction)- sweep all. Then the Solids turns out non- mappable. The same way with no curve of the solid, it still turns out non mappable. Some one can tell me why this is keep happening? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! I tried “Tool – faces – tolerance adjust to 4 -- equivalent”, it turns out poor mesh quality and still not many nodes are merged. Then " Imprint" but elements should be shells. Is there an easy function? Cheers!
  4. I attempt to go through Toplology Optimisation with relative displacement (in x, y, z) as constraints and loadcases. SoI need to select all the nodes displacements at certain cross sections, where there is the only path transfering force to design area. I am new to optistruct and hyperview, I just noticed it is possible to select cross section and read also output every nodes' displacement in Excel. My question is, does it work in this way? and if yes, How should I input these data (should be more than hundred nodes) into Optistruct as an easy way? A tutorial would be so appreciated! Cheers!
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