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  1. Hello All Hope you are doing well!! Actually i am very to new motionview in Altair,We are going to participate in Baja Compitation,I was planning do View in Motion View,But i got some files from Altair Student Library,But the below error was showing when i was opening file. I have seen many youtube videos but no use i was opening/importing the file same manner could please help out in this.
  2. Actually i have installed hypermesh the Error it was coming is Optistruct is not installed. I have reinstalled the Software's 15 times again and again i was trying the same error is coming,But the same software of my friend is using in his laptop it is not getting any errors. Please guide me or suggest me how to solve the problem And even i tried for Student version In the student version i can able to find the Hyperworks it showing pbs professional software. Kindly help me clear this error
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