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  1. Good evening everyone; I'm trying to figure out a way to analyse the temperature distribution across a brake disc using only the following loads: - An imposed rotation of 6000 rpm applied to the inner supports of the disc - An SPC constraint on the lower brake pads (as we can see in the image) - A Pressure load of 8,5 MPa applied to the upper brake pads (to represent the brake line pressure) So, basiclly, I want to understand how much heat is generated during a hard brake based on the contact friction alone; and how that heat is propagated throughout the disc without using thermal loads (unless they represent atmosferic temperature). Probably, the best option is to perform some sort of long displacement analysis (because of the rotation of the disc), but since there is heat generation involved I'm not sure this is the way to go. I would like to understand what type of analysis I must carry out, and how should I define the contacts between the disc and the pads in order to create an heat generation; Waiting for feedback; Thanks everyone! Luís Figueiredo
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