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  1. Hello, Thank you for your response but it is not the same noise. The noise that I have to consider in this project is a set of measurement from electrical substation. I need to add it in my propagation channel. Regards, Bineta
  2. Hello, I am working in a project in which I need to take into account other noise such as impulsive noise due to metallic structure in my urban scenario. In Proman, all the parameters for transmission, reflection and scattering can be defined. However, i don't know how to add this noise in my propagation simulation. Can you help me to fix this? Regards, Bineta
  3. I face a new problem again and the first one is not resolved yet.
  4. Hello, i have installed a full version of feko + Winprop 2019 recently in my lab computer. It was working well and suddenly i have a license error which is attached in the file. I have checked the HOST ID and it is the same as in the license. Several pings are done to make communications with the server and it works. I don't know where is the problem exactly. Can you help me to fix this? Regards, Bineta
  5. How can I convert an .odb file to an .oda file?
  6. Thank you for your support. I think it was created with Winprop 8 (2008) version. However, it is not possible for me to recreate the .oib file since i cannot select the IRT model for urban database with winprop 2019. Only the DPM, COST 231, and Knife edge are available.
  7. I have a problem with a wallman database. I was working with the winprop 2017 version and my database was working well. Now, i am working with the 2019 version and when i attempt to open my database i have the following message error: Database format not valid. I think that it is a problem of compatibility. Can you help me to fix this. Laurentides.odb Laurentides.oib
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